Board of Directors

The Paradox Lake Association Board of Directors is an all-volunteer body comprised of Association members elected to serve a two-year term. They are charged with carrying out the mission of the Association and are responsible for its administration.

PLA Board of Directors


President :      Marcia Hartnett

Vice Presidents:

Dan Gorke- Lower Lake

Jim Belott Jr- Upper Lake

Directors Lower Lake:   

Doug Kaufman

Peter Pelone

Beth Massiano

Directors Upper Lake:

Emery Dergosits

Nancy Girling

Tom Adams

The Secretary/ Treasurer serves at the pleasure of the Board of Directors and has no term limit. The post is currently held by Larry Reid.

If anyone is interested in running for election, please submit your name and bio to the PLA address, P O Box 45, Severance, NY 12872 or via email to Larry Reid at

Get Involved

If you are interested in joining a committee please email the Association President.


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