New invasive

So far, we don't have Spiny Water Flea in Paradox, but it is now in Lake George.

In order to prevent this invasive, along with the others we have already repelled on incoming boats, we will be hiring TWO paid lake stewards for next summer.

Any time you would like to donate to protect your lake, we will be appreciative.

News & Events 9/27/2018

Alexa's Thesis Presentation

Alexa will be presenting the PLA Lake Management Plan on Sunday, October 14th at 1PM

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Local News 6/22/2017

Trash-Picking Seagulls Poop Hundreds of Tons of Nutrients

At least 1.4 million seagulls feed at landfills across North America, which aside from the nuisance it might pose, is also a threat to the health of nearby waters, a new Duke University study finds....

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