On Sunday, July 23, 2016, we were fortunate enough to have three volunteer divers available for this event which was great based on the area we were covering.  They split into three sections of the bay area and with spotters nearby worked diligently, surfacing only to touch base with the spotters and get their bearings. At the end Jim Clarke just kept at it trying to get that last missed plant.

Along for the fun were (8) Surface support people actively marking and assisting the divers.

Lisa Dubrule came up from the lower lake and Evan Glass was able to join us for the first time this year. He left with his Kayak filled with Milfoil that Jim Clark ran out of nets for.

Pam, a friend of Lisa and Evan was also able to assist for the first time with Gretchen teaching her the ropes.  It was a very productive morning, yielding nearly 800 plants.

This area has been the worst on the lake and even before this weekend all three divers had been there on other individual dives throughout the year bringing the total number of plants well over 1,000.

Another area of concern is the inlet where Gretchen Sunderland had marked a few areas, one with over 50 small plants in the lily pads. The farthest point in was about 100 yards from the entrance. 

We are grateful to the following people that participated:

Divers:  Emery Dergosits,  Jim Clarke,  Jim Belott

Scouts:  Nancy Girling, Gretchen Sunderland, Kathleen and Jim Frederick

             Evan Glass, Lisa Dubrule, Pam, and Jim Belott’s sister Missy helping in the boat.

As successful as these days have been, it shows that continued effort is needed to “control” what we discover.

We have a dedicated group of volunteers participating in this effort and we are always looking to expand our volunteer efforts.  The PLA is looking for experienced snorkelers and divers to assist in removing invasive plants in our lake.  We are also willing to assist anyone who is interested in becoming a certified diver, please contact Jim Frederick for more information.

Contact Info:

                          Home: 518-399-6393

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