President's Message

If you are new to the website as a visitor, please take a look around and if you become a member you will have access to more information including reports from out committees and data about the lake. 

Take a look around the website, we have lots of information about the lake and the association along with the calendar for upcoming events.  If you have “news” to share, please contact us!!! 

The association has been doing many exciting things!  We have a great Invasive Committee that is dedicated to scouting and identifying Aquatic invasives.  We also have volunteer divers who harvest the invasives as soon as the volunteer scouts identify them.  Paradox Lake is very fortunate to have so many dedicated volunteers and that is why the lake is so special, with so many people involved we are sure to keep our waters pure for many years to come. 

We also have a very extensive Lake Steward program where the stewards inspect all boats coming into and going out of the lake.  We are partnering with Paul Smiths College’s Adirondack Watershed Institute and their Lake Steward program to make the program better for everyone.  With Paul Smiths’ knowledge and guidance, our program benefits greatly.

This fall we have joined with SUNY Oneonta’s Master’s Program in Lake Management.  We have a dedicated Master’s student who will be studying and testing Paradox for two years.  As a requirement for the Master’s program, a Lake Management Plan must be written for the thesis.  So at the end of two years, Paradox will have a comprehensive Lake Management Plan.  This is critical for any Lake association to have.  I’m looking forward to working with Alexa Tumbarello, SUNY Oneonta. If you see Alexa out on the lake, please introduce yourself and share any concerns you may have.  She will be at the meeting in May so everyone can meet her and ask her questions.  The date for the meeting will be on the calendar after it has been determined.

Our membership is sizeable, but we need to get everyone involved.  If you are not a member please sign up and join us in our efforts to keep the lake as beautiful as it always has been.   If you are a member, is your neighbor?  Get them involved!!  The more people we have the bigger difference we can make.

I look forward to meeting everyone on the lake! 

News & Events 9/27/2018

Alexa's Thesis Presentation

Alexa will be presenting the PLA Lake Management Plan on Sunday, October 14th at 1PM

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Local News 6/22/2017

Trash-Picking Seagulls Poop Hundreds of Tons of Nutrients

At least 1.4 million seagulls feed at landfills across North America, which aside from the nuisance it might pose, is also a threat to the health of nearby waters, a new Duke University study finds....

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